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The never permanently solved issue of frequent "headset HDMI disconnected" errors.

TheInternalTheInternal Posts: 7
So, I've had Rift for around 2 years now. Since the first few weeks of ownership, it's had issues with disconnecting across multiple computers. In fact, Oculus replaced the first one since it was occurring so frequently. A few months later, and the replacement set started exhibiting the same issues with "headset HDMI disconnected" errors across multiple computers. I've had to spend hours researching and tweaking random settings in UEFI, reinstalling RIFT software, tweaking drivers in Windows 10, rolling back to old graphic drivers because newer ones "break" everything all over again, disabling or turning down USB system settings in GIGABYTE's top-end workstation motherboard (you'd think a $400+ motherboard from three years ago would handle USB connections just fine), etc. etc. ... all the while without Oculus's website listing or maintaining a comprehensive guide to address these issues that I frequently see others listing in reddit and VR forums for Rift room scale. 
At this point, I'm disappointed enough that I may just give up on Rift entirely for a competing brand. Y'all are owned by Facebook, which has billions of dollars. Maybe spend a few thousand of that to run an in-depth and up to date comprehensive guide for troubleshooting this common issue that Rift owners seem to be encountering. Or, alternatively, fix it via software, firmware, or an add-in card?
I knew that being an early adopter would have issues, but it's just been an ongoing hassle to make anything work since forever. The times I've been able to run my headset without frequent disconnects has been the exception, not the norm, and that's just not okay.
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