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Crackling sound in my Audio after most recent update.

Sycohnda209xSycohnda209x Posts: 2
I recently updated my system, all drivers installed, Ryzen 3900x with a 1080 TI on a Asus hero VIII motherboard.
Installed my rift software and all my games. Played for about a few days no issues and sound was working fine.
However my rift download several new updates and now the audio is crackling.

I have already searched the forums and stumbled upon this post.
Read through it but it doesn't look like there were any solutions posted.

I have also attached my OculusSetup.log and the Debug log. Is there still no solution for this issue? 
The audio sounds so bad it hurts the ears to listen to it and I am not an Audiophile. The headset still works for now but it's very hard to play.

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