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Audio/Mic problem when connecting with friends

ElusiveMarlinElusiveMarlin Posts: 293
Nexus 6
edited August 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift

, I am runnign my Rift S with the latest PTC version (1.40), and everything is working fine, but when I contact one of my online friends to join me, they accept, and the status changes to "in a party with you", but I cannot hear them, and they cannot hear me.

We can start a multiplayer game, (We tried SPARC, and it allowed us to connect and pay a few rounds together, but there was no audio from either mIcrophone. the game audio itself was fine, ie we can both hear the ball bouncing down the tunnel.

We quit the game and there is still no audio in the home2 environment.

My friend is using a CV1 Rift, and we never had issues with audio previously when I had the CV1 also, so this has just started since I purchased the Rift S.

Not sure it it is my side or his, but mine is the only piece that has changed.

I have opened a ticket Oculus support, and they suggest changing the USB port im using. 
WIll try that as soon as my mate is back off holiday (Unless anyone else fancies help a fellow rifter out! :D  )

Has anyone else experienced this?
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