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All Your Oculus Mods Are Belong To Us! 😁 ( Post Your Oculus Mod Photos )

ex0-tekkex0-tekk Posts: 8
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edited August 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
Post photos of your Rift S, Original Rift or Quest mods you've done or had done !

I want to see them! :smiley:

Armature or Pro, Practical or Useless, it doesn't matter!

I'll start, this is my DiY Cheekbone Pressure Relief Mod for the Rift S.
Attached Skullcandy Earbuds

I took a pair of scissors and cut a curvature out of the bottom of the Rift S rubber gasket on either side, ( later smoothing out the corners with fine sand paper ) I tore the foam off carefully from the contact point and super glued it back to the newly cut curvature, effectively pushing the bottom section of the gasket forward, thereby relieving all the pressure off my cheekbones, increasing the fov quite noticeably, completely blocking the light still, and making it much more comfortable for me, i also used some black gorilla tape to fasten some Skullcandy earbuds to the bottom, works great!


I bought these Oculus grip straps (Mamut) online with free shipping, extremely comfortable and very helpful with games that involve grabbing, throwing or swinging, which is a good portion of VR games.

And well... a few of you have already seen this other Oculus Alien mod i put together, just silly and fun.

I am interested to see other Oculus mods people may have done!

Go!! :wink:


  • ex0-tekkex0-tekk Posts: 8
    Brain Burst
    edited August 2019
    Wow really? ..... No one wants to post any mods they've done to their Oculus?... surely someone has something to share?.... hmm, 'shrug' oh well, maybe someone will eventually. :wink:
  • gcompcgcompc Posts: 7
    Don't worry mods coming! Just taking a while to get over the shock of all the basic stuff that should be working properly for the Rift S but it's not.
  • gcompcgcompc Posts: 7
    Here is a rift S mods I found on the internet, I'll be trying one of them, will post on how it turns out

  • BiovizierMantridBiovizierMantrid Posts: 6
    I did the audio using Koss headphones
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