Oculus Quest mic not working! — Oculus
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Oculus Quest mic not working!

SpoonleSpoonle Posts: 3
So I'm trying to play games like Rec Room and VRChat where you can use your mic. I loaded up rec room for the first time yesterday and the mic was working fine without a headset plugged into the quest. However, once I plugged in my headset with a built in mic (Turtle Beach Earforce Recons) the mic in general stopped working. I tried unplugging my entire headset to see if it would fix the issue but it had no affect. I saw on another post that the issue could be that you're in a party on the quest but I have no friends (sad face) which means I can't even start a party. I did cast to my phone yesterday so my sister could watch, could that be the issue? I havent casted today and I shut down my headset last night and the mic still doesn't work. Any help??


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