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Dance Central VR - Height is constantly off

StayPuft83StayPuft83 Posts: 49
Brain Burst
Has anybody else played Dance Central VR? If so, is anybody else having a problem where everybody in the game is WAY too tall? Every time you start up the game, after a few loading screens, it asks you to calibrate your height by holding out one controller and pressing in the joy stick button. I've tried doing so at my actual height. I've tried doing so holding it at a much shorter height so it is calibrating my height at much shorter than I actually am. I've tried doing so holding the controller way above my head so I'm actually calibrating it to be taller than I really am.

Somehow, no matter what I do it makes me way too short and everybody else way too tall. It's really distracting and also kind of makes it difficult lining up your hands/arms the way you are supposed to in order to actually score points. Has anybody figured out a solution for this?


  • PhotoninjaPhotoninja Posts: 6
    I have the same problem. Except, I'm way to tall. Not very tall guy in a room full of regular people tall. More like very tall guy chaperoning an elementary school dance. The hight was perfect for the last four days. But tonight, I'm the Jolly Green Giant. And I can't seem to do anything to fix it. Pressing the right thumbstick, restarting the game and restarting the headset does nothing.
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