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displayport not connect

DefriMelfandiDefriMelfandi Posts: 3
I have a problem when I set up Oculus Rift S, displayport is not connected, but the USB headset is connected, I have seen on YouTube in various ways, but still can't. can anyone help me what to do?


  • blacky75blacky75 Posts: 27
    Brain Burst
    wait until they finally get those problems solved... Even if mine is still in its BlackScreen state since a firmware update, I sometimes also got the display port not connected error... I gave up trying things (as I did 'em all more than once!)... now I hope they work hard on a patch or FW update.... :(
    specs: MB-Asus P9X79, CPU-i7 4820K (not OC'ed) Watercooled, RAM-64Gb, SSDs, GC-Zotac AmpExtreme 2080ti, Oculus Rift S, 3x32Samsung Screen
  • mattsoftmattsoft Posts: 6
    Similar problem. Been working with Oculus support for a couple of weeks. No resolution yet. In another post, someone mentioned that MSI video cards are having this issue with the latest firmware. I happen to have an MSI video card. So...
  • Nathanael_Nathanael_ Posts: 11
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    I have the same problem, but dont have an MSI card.... so it could be anything
  • HailHogeHailHoge Posts: 22
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    oculus support could not fixed this issue since 1.38.
    my hmd be eyepatch when first setup.
  • AcesHigh70AcesHigh70 Posts: 2
    Just bough the Rift S tonight and same issue.  I’m returning it tomorrow and going with one of their competitors.  They should be in these forums giving some feedback on an issue like this.
  • TragicDelightTragicDelight Posts: 63
    Hiro Protagonist
    I use MSI gaming X trio 2080ti and guess what? IT WORKS FINE.

  • DaveMartin88DaveMartin88 Posts: 13
    Getting this as well getting. New PC, up tp date on drivers, 2080 Super graphics. Shut downs and restarts eventually get it to work. 
  • serge.rouge.77serge.rouge.77 Posts: 3
    rift arrive today
    on msi 1080 gtx ti same problem...
  • MohWarfighterMohWarfighter Posts: 16
    Same problem, stopped working after a month. 

    Bought a lot of games, all wasted...
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