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Job Simulator not working (Oculus Quest)

SpoonMeSpoonMe Posts: 3
So I literally just bought Job Simulator on my Oculus Quest and when I load into the game, the screen starts to glitch out (Like blocks on the screen are just a solid blue color) and I can't see anything. This isn't a display problem because I was just playing another game before I tried out Job Simulator.
How can I fix this? Has anyone else had this problem?


  • distorkendistorken Posts: 1
    Happened to me, but I got fixed right away by restarting the oculus quest.
  • qwerty9537qwerty9537 Posts: 1
    its happening to me too, i can play it; but after a while, the hands get large black pixels all over them and the robots get all glitchy
  • DogruBeyDogruBey Posts: 1
    I restarted my oculus quest but it is still same. whenever I hit the button it takes me to main menu. any solution?
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