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Sideloaded app from Unity results in 3 dots on screen forever

MohamedFaizalMohamedFaizal Posts: 1
I'm not sure what is going on but with the computer in my office it works fine when I sideload, but when I sideload a new build from my home computer it stays at 3 dots on the screen. I've tried to rebuild my project using other Unity versions (2018.3.1, 2019.1.8) both results the same. 

The project is exactly the same on my office computer and home computer.
Hope to get a solution to this issue. Thanks


  • JohanTEAJohanTEA Posts: 57
    Hiro Protagonist
    keep your Quest connected to your comp.
    then open a command window (cmd)
    then run: adb logcat
    then start your app.
    if you'r lucky a understandable error message is printed in logcat...
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