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Rift S - Controller jitter

JeyJey80JeyJey80 Posts: 5
edited August 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
I recently bought Rift S and I´m very happy with it, pretty much no issues with tracking, but to the point.
I started playing Hotdogs Horseshoes and Handgrenades and sometimes I experience some kind of Touch controller jitter. It looks like there is no problem with tracking itself, it tracks perfectly, but sometimes it just jitters. Doesnt matter if its fast or slow movement. Also I downloaded FPSVR to monitor FPS and frametime, when this jitter happens, there is no hiccup or anything, game runs completly smooth GPU (GTX 1080) at 60%, CPU (i7 6700k) at 50%, also frametime is smooth.
Have you experienced it and do you have any idea what it could be?

My VR start sequence is: Oculus APP, put on headset, start Steam VR, play H3VR.

Thanks for reply


  • eromagosaeromagosa Posts: 4

    Are you playing with enough lighting? I had similar problem and solved it by improving the lighting in the room.
  • JeyJey80JeyJey80 Posts: 5
    Hello, I play in daylight behind soft curtain so light gets in, but no sharp sunrays, in the evening I have light pretty much right above my play area. But I try to focus on that, thanks for info :)
  • JeyJey80JeyJey80 Posts: 5
    Little update, I tried everything from setting Steam VR, turning everything off (Home, SS, etc.), focused on lighting conditions, different USB 3.0 slots...
    It looks like its a H3VR problem, maybe with Steam VR and Oculus APP combined. Because whatever I do I get smooth FPS, frametime but my hands still jitter from time to time.
    Havent seen this kind of issue in Oculus Home or Beatsaber (only when game is loading, but that is obvious)
  • rh_galaxyrh_galaxy Posts: 132 Oculus Start Member
    Have you tried using OpenComposite instead of steamvr? (It doesnt work for all games but I got rid of glitches in SkyrimVR with it, have a rift CV1). Anyway if it only happens in steamvr and not Oculus Home titles, you see where the problem is...
  • JeyJey80JeyJey80 Posts: 5
    Hi, tried OpenComposite just now but sadly no support for H3VR :(
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