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Rendering settings from Adobe Premiere Pro for Oculus Go

jason.loxtonjason.loxton Posts: 2
I am working on a project creating 360 experiences of geological sites using an Insta360 One X camera for viewing on a Go (and Youtube). I am geologist, and it turns out completely incompetent at understanding video rendering settings. The One X can either export directly up to 5.7 k in H.264 or H.265, at 30 or 24 fps, or can render through Premiere using a plugin. I'd prefer the latter as the video needs tweaking in Premiere and this would save me a compression step. I've exported video at 5.7 and 4 k, running in both 264 and 265 at various bit rates and am getting either terrible stutter or terrible quality. I am hoping that someone can provide a list of settings for export in Premiere Pro that works well for video (moving, not tripod). I have seen these threads (, but can't really parse the second and the second offers mostly questions (re: bit rate).

Can someone with having success using Premiere Pro to upload 360 content upload their settings? I am drowning!
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