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Downloading New Nvidia Drivers In my MSI computer causes a black screen to appear

tcgamer525tcgamer525 Posts: 18
Every time i download a new Nvidia driver for my computer it causes my oculus rift s to go in a black screen. 
The only fix i found for this issue is by restoring my old drivers, but i want new drivers so i can play no man sky vr. 
I have tried all the black screen solutions on the oculus website and still got the same issue 
I have tried different versions of the Nvidia drivers but still come up with the same issue.
I have tried using DDU to stop windows from automatically downloading my old drivers, and still get the same issue
My Laptop specs are a Intell 8 GEN CORE i7-8750H
Nividia GEFORCE GTX 1060
16GB DDR4 - 2666MHz
256GB SSD + 1 TB HHD

And its a MSI GS63 Stealth "VR Ready"

I also read that the MSI computer itself is causing this issue but am still not too sure.

Any help will be great guys, thank you so much.


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