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Oculus Rift S Display Port not connecting

imNyXimNyX Posts: 1
Hi, i seems to have this issue where, i'm unable to connect the Displayport Connection. And the GPU isnt Detecting it at all
>Tried plugging in the USB First and wait 5 seconds then put the Displayport in
>Tried Unplugging everything and leaving just the USB and Displayport
>Tried Turning off the settings for the USB Powersaving
>Tried Replugging even harder (didnt work any harder and i will plug the cable into my graphics card)
>Tried Redownloading all the drivers and it didnt work at all (Nvida and intel and motherboard)

Other then that, im also unable to update the firmware for it too for some reason it keep refuse to update 
>Tried disable firewall/windows defender/antivirus Didnt work
>Tried unplugging everything and turning powersaving off    didnt improve

I asked Oculus Support but their reply is either repeating whatever im doing or just isn't helping. So i guess try my luck here and see whoever had the same issue and managed to resolve it can help? And issit possible to ship back to them and ask them to fix it?


PC Specs
z170 pro gaming motherboard
i7 6700k
Zotac GTX 1070
Connecting Directly to DisplayPort to GPU


  • Nathanael_Nathanael_ Posts: 11
    I have the same problem, I tried everything (see my previous posts) oculus even sent out a new cable, still doesn’t work. I’m trying one last day then returning it and never buying oculus ever again
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