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Quest / Go / Gear VR Build 8.0 Release Notes



  • donnyjoedonnyjoe Posts: 20
    freemoto said:
    My Quest was just updated to version 8 but I honestly couldn't find where 'night mode' option is? I already looked everywhere under settings.
    I don't see it either.
  • MyOculusGo57MyOculusGo57 Posts: 1
    very strange , i'm on firmware 7.00 version.

    I saw the option for night light , activated it , tested it , and now that i want to deactivate this option,

    impossible to find again , in the different options... option disappeared but the Night mode is still there...

    This was not just into firmware 8.0 version ?
  • freemotofreemoto Posts: 10
    The night mode finally showed up a few days after my Quest was updated to version 8!
  • JohanTEAJohanTEA Posts: 34
    Brain Burst
    I had a bunch of wifi problems with v.8.0 so I did a factory reset and my wifi issues seem to have disappeared.
    Sadly all my game saves are gone :/
  • bneidermanbneiderman Posts: 6
    My Quest updated to 8.0 yesterday. After the update my wifi-connection crashes every few minutes. I must turn wifi off and on again on the quest to reenable the connection. Until the new firmware I had absolutly no problems with the connection...

    Today I also made a factory reset, but it doesnt help
    Yup. I just came here looking for this as well. System 8.0 has ruined my WiFi. I am CONSTANTLY disconnecting from WiFi. Never had this issue before the update. I am losing my mind with this. There is obviously some bug here.
  • h.r.gargih.r.gargi Posts: 68
    Hiro Protagonist
    edited September 6
    These WiFi disconnects are strange. On my own router I don't have these disconnects. On the older one of my parents I got these constantly. But I can't figure out, what the real reason is. 
    Other thing is that me and other people on my Facebook group are noticing slight stutterings in several apps since the latest firmware. I hope you can fix that soon. 
  • kevinwarhaftkevinwarhaft Posts: 25
    Brain Burst
    edited September 7
    im still on 7.0 but got the updates on my oculus go 
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