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The Future and innovation for the Quest

morppheus000morppheus000 Posts: 2
 Exemple: went we play a game like beat saber , we dont realy need to move at 360 but went the controller pass on the back of your head the cam lost on the headset lost the captation we all know that. 
But if Oculus can created a special captor for the Quest who can communicated by wi-fi or bluetooth with the headset , do you think you buy it . this can be usefull for Beat Saber , Sports Scramble and all game we need to be also on one side only. 

i think its a realy good idea increased the acuracy of movement in game. 


  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    If they could make it, they would have already. The internal sensors can track rotation, but we don't have anything that can track position on it's own without the use of cameras.
  • VRBabe14VRBabe14 Posts: 188
    If cv1 sensors could act as a backup that'll be cool, more sensors the merrier
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  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    edited August 2019
    Actually, @morppheus000 did mention bluetooth, which is how the Vive/Valve Lighthouses communicate with the headsets, without the need of being connected to the pc like the CV1 sensors do. I read his comment wrong, thinking he was suggesting something in the headset itself. My bad. But yes...if Oculus used the SteamVR tracking system, then it would more than likely be just as easy to configure the standalone headsets to use the Lighthouses as well. I mentioned that in a few posts before, saying it would be just as easy to mount them on tripods and take them on the go, as they can be powered by battery packs if needed. They work by sending out the infrared lasers, that then get picked up by sensors in the headset/controllers. The opposite of Oculus' Constellation tracking system.

    edit: Actually, the Lighthouses just send out the infrared...the controllers talk to the headset via bluetooth after getting the data from the Lighthouses. Or something like that. :P
  • MradrMradr Posts: 3,617 Valuable Player
    edited August 2019
    Well the future of Quest will be that of Rift S in terms of more cameras later on down the road. From there they might move the cameras to the controllers instead at some point and just transfer the data back to the headset.

    There are other ways to make it work as well as support - but cameras seem to be the cheapest method so far to making it work pretty well. In the future solid state laser sweepers might be cheap enough to just mount them on the headset as well making the headset a lighthouse.

    External tracking I feel is on its way out for the best or worst. It just adds complexity and more cost in terms of having a box/camera you place around the room.

    Oculus GO I am sure will be going down this route as well starting out with some cameras then moving up to what the Quest 1 came out with. 
  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    edited August 2019
    I have to disagree with you Mradr...inside-out is far more complex than external sensors. It has way more math to do, and has to orientate itself to the surroundings. Adding cameras to the controllers would add way more cost than external sensors as well. 2 Lighthouses, in diagonal corners is all you need. They can be set on stands...that can be taken anywhere you want, only needing a 12v power a 12v battery bank. It's far less complex than adding more cameras. Besides the cost of the cameras in long do you think until people start breaking the cameras by hitting their controllers on things? That's way more expensive to replace than the stock controllers. Also...if the cameras on the headset, and the external CV1 sensors have issues with extremely fast moving well do you think cameras 'on' the controllers are going to be able to handle tracking while moving at a fast pace? I can tell you right now...not very well, if at all.
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