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Oculus Rift S "Oculus Software restart required" Possible fix!

BigBadBatchBigBadBatch Posts: 4
edited August 26 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
The problem that was for the most of us lately: "Oculus Software restart required", Sensors cannot track headset when trying to setup the oculus rift s again, Displayport did not registeres, 3 white dots in a black screen when putting the headset on. all of that was my issues until 30 minutes ago!
when trying to setup a new device the message was "Sensors can't track headset" and then you'll try to mess with the cables of the headset.
anyway, STAIGHT TO THE POINT! This will (I hope at least) fix that bug for most of you.

Go to Windows>Settings>Privacy>Camera. If the camera settings is turn on, turn them off. EVERYTHING!

after that check what the software says about it headset. it should say straight away "Sensors can't track headset".
If that is what you got then it's good. Turn on the camera settings and try again the Oculus Software.
That method fixed the problem for me and I hope it will fix your problem as well! if that fixed your problem, Please be sure to write it down here.
If the problem has returned, repeat that process.
Have a good day!


  • Cpt_ShibeCpt_Shibe Posts: 1
    Jesus christ, thanks, i've been dealing with this for a few days now, finally got a fix. You're a legend.
  • SGMRockSGMRock Posts: 7
    I get this software restart required thing almost every time I boot up I wonder if it has to do with me also having a Tobii Eye tracker that has a camera in it that allows me to login to windows with face recognition as well.  Normally I shut down Tobii after I boot up if I'm not using it just to save the CPU cycles it uses.
  • douglas.stedfeltdouglas.stedfelt Posts: 2
    I was just playing DCS last night and I get this error.  I uploaded my logs for the past 3 days and screenshots.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks
  • scottharmes6scottharmes6 Posts: 17
    Don't know what's going on here, but there is obviously an issue.  I am on my third Rift S now.  First one had a scratch so sent it back, now number two and three have had this issue.  It started almost immediately with the second Rift S, and then I went back and forth with support for weeks.  I even did a fresh Windows 10 install on a second PC and then freshly installed Oculus app and tested, resulting in the same issue.  Support were great, and I just got my new Rift S a few weeks ago.  It was working fine, and I reported to support it was working fine, but now, after a firmware update the other night, the same issue is back again.

    The fix for me is pretty simple.  I just need to unplug the USB cable, wait a second or two and plug it back in.  The Rift S willthen be fine until I restart my PC again.  Alternatively you can plug the USB cable in after booting your PC.  Pretty simple fixes, but also annoying and unnecessary.  Support do not seem to have any ideas about what is going on.

    The worst part is, this new Rift S was working perfectly until a firmware update just a few nights ago.  That seems to have set this issue back in motion.  Very frustrating!
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