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When does Quest Touch go to sleep after I pick off HMD? And how long time dose the Touch power off?

qingniao0924qingniao0924 Posts: 3
 I have a question about Quest touch. Sometimes, I put up the HMD, and the controller can use directly. But sometimes, I must click the Home buttom to wake up the controller, I am confused when I should Click the button. I really want to confirm the sleep and power off time of Quest Touch. when can I use Touch directly? And when should I click the Home button?
1. How long time does quest Touch go to sleep after pick off HMD?
2. How often time should I Click the button to wake up the controller?
3. And anothor question, can the controller power off automatically after I pick off the HMD for a long time?how long time dose the Touch power off after sleep?Or the Touch won't power off until its battery has no power?


  • Crazy_SaneCrazy_Sane Posts: 354
    I think the touch controllers go into sleep mode about a minute after the Quest goes into sleep mode. It's when the blue light on the controllers goes out.
    I use my Quest every day or two and the controllers always turn on with the Quest. They may go into a powersaving standby mode after a while, but I'm not sure.
    If you going long periods between uses, like a week or more, you should remove the batteries from the controllers. It will save battery power and ensure you never get battery acid through the controllers.
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