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Hello! Quick Question With a Setting

RamenFansRamenFans Posts: 5
edited August 28 in Support
Hello. My brother recently started Rec Room and I believe he disabled the microphone when the notification for the setting came up, please tell me: How can I unable it for just the game?


  • ShowbizDonkeyShowbizDonkey Posts: 119 Oculus Staff
    Hey there! While in VR, if you (or your brother in this case) head to your library and hover over the Rec Room tile with your pointer, you should see a button with three dots appear in the bottom right hand corner of the tile. Clicking that button will give you a few options, one of which is permissions. Clicking Permissions will allow you to adjust the specific permissions the app prompts you about when you run it for the first time. He should be able to enable the mic there. Hope this helps!
  • RamenFansRamenFans Posts: 5
    Thank you. @ShowbizDonkey
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