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Oculus Quest serious shutdown issue

Ryan27657Ryan27657 Posts: 2
ive hadn’t my quest for a few weeks now, and it’s been great. But recently I’ve been experiencing a rather bizarre and really upsetting issue. Whenever I’m using the quest and scrolling through the store or the menu, everything is fine. But when I open a game, the quest shuts off about every 20 seconds. I’ll hit the power button so it turns back on, then a few seconds later it turns off again. I recently experimented with this- I opened gun club, and it happened. I opened super hot, it happened, I opened creed, it happened, then I opened Netflix and everything was fine? I guess maybe this issue only happens with really powerful and active games. Anyone know any solution? Do I need to do a factory reset?


  • SteveG7RTASteveG7RTA Posts: 155
    Assuming your Quest is fully charged or has enough charge in it, then it sounds like a faulty one to me. Have you tried it while the Quest is plugged in to the charger?
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