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Rift S's DisplayPort Connection Issues

I am having some issues getting the DisplayPort for the Rift S to successfully connect to my PC. The USB 3 is able to successfully connect and be detected on my machine however I am having the same luck with the DisplayPort aspect. I have a GTX 1080 Founder's edition GPU which has 2 DisplayPort slots and I am using one of them for a monitor. I am able to switch the monitors around between the 2 ports with no problem. Whenever I try to connect the DisplayPort for the Rift S into the other available DP slot, it is not able to connect. I also tried unplugging my monitor from the DisplayPort slot but no luck on that either. Right now I am lost as when I whenever I replug in the Rift S, it is able to connect with the DisplayPort for just a second and then quickly loses connection. Any help would most appreciated.


  • serge.rouge.77serge.rouge.77 Posts: 3
    same to me
  • MohWarfighterMohWarfighter Posts: 16
    Same. I got a replacement, but it still did not work. 

    I have even factory resetted my computer, but to no help. This must be a problem with the software itself and not my computer.
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