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Cannot connect my Rift S to my highend laptop


I own both the Oculus Quest and Rift S. My Rift S cannot be connected to the laptop since I lack the dedicated video port and my Oculus Quest is too difficult to connect to the PC with the unofficial side loading tools.
When I'm in a trip I would like to play some games on my Rift S, using my laptop ... but I'm stuck with the bad graphics of Quest's low spec internal system. I'd prefer to be able to use my laptop's graphic card and processor to play some real games, using the Quest as a wireless display.

Why do you chose to ignore 50% of the potential market???? ( ) - yeah, the portable market.
Any laptop with better graphics should accept a wireless connection from the Oculus Quest. If you don't know how to do it, learn from GoPro how to directly connect the Quest to the PC for wireless streaming - there are a ton of devices like Chrome, doing similar things.

Oculus Quest could have millions new potential customers if you enable the direct WiFi connection to any laptop that can complete your Rift spec test, like mine.

There is already the unofficial way to connect the Quest to any PC with WiFi, but that means installing 3rd party unsupported apps with side loading and I disagree to that for the lack of security.


Thank you.

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