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Chromecast preformance recently tanked?

Light4speedLight4speed Posts: 2
First post, woo!

Anyway, I have been messing around with casting to chromecast with the quest and noticed that within the last week (Around the time of release 8.0) it has gotten worse. I know the casting is still in "beta" but, just wanted to acknowledge that process has gone the opposite way of progress.

Previously the stream would actully behave decently with only a 1 to 3 second delay. Now, the stream is at least 10 seconds behind and almost plays back in slow motion. Even the sound is slow "tuned".

Nothing new in my setup has changed (except the firmware update on the quest).

Anyone else having the same experiance?


  • mmontagne31mmontagne31 Posts: 1
    Yes unfortunatly, the cast feature is almost unusable (very laggy and delayed, slowed, image and sound), even with a chromecast 3rd generation, a 5ghz wifi network, oculus developers, do you work on it ? Do you have any progress to announce ? Please keep us informed ? Thanks for all and for this revolutionnary device.. 
  • BoolitsBoolits Posts: 2
    New Quest owner here. I should be receiving a Chromecast (3rd gen) today. Has this been resolved or did I buy the Chromecast for nothing?
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