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Rift S Audio Fixed?

UnsounderUnsounder Posts: 3
edited September 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
So just a quick question i haven't been using my Rift S in a few weeks because of school and work, is the Rift S Audio cut out or crackle fixed. The last time i played it would work fine then freeze up then fix its self but the audio would then disappear till i restart the oculus app or steam vr.


  • chefinochefino Posts: 2
    I have my Rift S for 3 days now and I also experience audio crackling sounds when running through the Rift S speakers, also the same random crackling is present when using the headphone jack on the Rift S. Tried rebooting the Oculus, but no help. Also tried to update with the Beta channel, no help either. Other audio sources are fine (onboard audio or USB audio card), but that introduces a cable mess when in VR. 

    Would like to know how is this going to be fixed, apparently quite a few users are reporting this issue (like here). So far, no solution? I don't want to return my unit just because of this issue. Oculus please?
  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,750 Valuable Player
    I would start a support ticket, they should replace your unit.

    I use earbuds with mine plugged into the Rift S audio jack ( just did not care for the sound of the audio strap), and a USB desktop mic - I have the Rift S mic disabled due to frequent mic dropouts. I prefer earbuds anyway for sound and the mic was an easy/ inexpensive thing , so I am good to go now.

    But yeah certainly if you want to use the audio strap and mic, start a support ticket. You should eventually get it replaced.


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