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Why did some titles (e.g. Twisted Realms) disappear from the Gear VR & Go stores?

firagabirdfiragabird Posts: 168
edited September 2019 in Support
I wanted to try Twisted Realms on Gear VR & Oculus Go because of recently getting interested in tower defense games, and reviews from its launch window praised it. When I went looking for it though in the mobile app of both devices, lo and behold: it's gone. There is an Oculus Store page (, but there's no Purchase button.

The same disappearing act applies to TERM1NAL: . The only difference is a) it's not available for Go to begin with, and b) I purchased it before it disappeared from the store, so I can still find & install it. EDIT: This was the case when I was checking this game out a month ago, but it's searchable again. Twisted Realms is most definitely still an issue though.

Hoping @NinjaGG can clarify.

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  • kojackkojack Posts: 5,986 Volunteer Moderator
    In the case of TERM1NAL, the game's social media accounts haven't posted since 2017 and the developer's twitter account has been deleted.

    I would guess either the devs pulled the game before they disappeared, or Oculus had to remove it because there's no longer a company behind it (Oculus selling something they don't own and keeping 100% instead of 30% is probably an issue).

    Mountain Goat Mountain had a similar thing happen, it was pulled by the developers, but people who already had it can still play.

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