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medium prefab failed + medium still crash

DejvrecordDejvrecord Posts: 10
hi, here is print my medium log. What is this massage means? i cannot make Stamp from my objects. + Medium still crash without any message, just falls into the oculus house. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes 10 minutes when it happens. I try new GPU driver, i try reinstall medium. Nothing change.  My PC Spec: i5 9600k + 1070GTX and 16 GB memory. I have medium on ssd disk


  • DejvrecordDejvrecord Posts: 10
    Interestingly, I found that the pads are causing an overclock cpu. while the system is stable anywhere else. after lowering the clock the medium does not fall. why?
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    Hey @Dejvrecord, thanks for posting some of your logs! We'll dig into this. 

    Please answer these questions:
    1. What language are you using with your Oculus?
    2. What language is your Windows?

    Could you follow these directions:
    1. Go into your medium cache folder. This is located at “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Oculus\Medium\medium” except that instead of <username> it should be your Windows Username.
    2.There is a folder called “assets.” Can you zip that folder up and send to us at [email protected]?
    3. After sending us the folder, delete that folder. There is no important info in there, so it’s completely safe to delete. Now, try running Medium again.
    4. What happens?

  • DejvrecordDejvrecord Posts: 10
    edited September 2019
    thank you very much for your reply. Windows is in Czech, and oculus also. so I'll try to overclock my CPU again and run Medium again after I do these steps. When not overclocked Medium goes well. I just sent a folder
  • DejvrecordDejvrecord Posts: 10
    ok so, after removing the folder nothing happened at all. i can not doing stamps still (always reports an error that it did not find the path to the stamp) and with CPU overlock, Medium still crash without any message. So I have to downclock the CPU to default to keep Medium running steadily. :( 
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    @Dejvrecord, thanks for the info. Will think some more on next steps.
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