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Weeeeeee Hurl (uncontrollable turning in SteamVR)

CaTaPulT88CaTaPulT88 Posts: 10
Brain Burst
Is anyone else having this problem since the last updates (Firmware/Software)..... in SteamVR, it seems after I've been in a game for a few minutes (less than 30 minutes) (No Mans Sky and Steam version of VR Chat) I start spinning around as if I was leaning to one side on the left Touch's controller thumbstick but I'm not, the only way of getting out of it is to hit the SteamVR system button and end the game. This is annoying, ever since getting this Rift-S, it's been one problem after another. Just wondering how much longer I'll have to wait until we get a reliable VR experience out of this headset?
Yep, I'm getting frustrated with this Rift-S (The CV1 on the other hand is rock solid)


  • CaTaPulT88CaTaPulT88 Posts: 10
    Brain Burst
    I had forgotten I had ticked the Public Beta button in the Oculus software. After changing that, the software started downloading again and went back to a previous version and then after a software restart, it downloaded and applied the previous headset firmware. Now things work much better except for the "Guardian" setup bug where it's always asking to re-trace your play area. Please Oculus, do NOT release the software and firmware that is the current Beta in it's current state, it needs a LOT of work before it's ready for prime time.
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