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an idea on why the vr lens have small sweet spots on the rift cv1

hoppingbunny123hoppingbunny123 Posts: 875
edited September 2019 in General
first off a optical trick. if you have a house with a screen door, at night roll the glass down exposing the mesh, then on the door if you have a glass window look through the glass window and have the porch lights on, you wont see the mesh! the mesh becomes invisible, which would be useful for removing the sde you see in vr.

i thought of how to replicate that and thought its due to the distance.for n number of white pixels you have n number of sde black lines = distance 1, at distance 10 there is less sde black lines seen and still as many white pixels seen.

now the porch light shines on the glass on the door window lighting it up, and on the objects behind the mesh lighting it up, and on the mesh, but the mesh is lit up at the farther distance than the glass on the door so its being obscured by distance making it less visible.

if there was a light source shining on a glass plate in-between the lcd screen it would get more light than the lcd sde and so hide some of the lcd sde in vr helmets like the cv1.

i think there is a small sweet spot so the surrounding area not in focus blurs out the sde. just put a glass plate thats lit outside of the lcd screen.

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