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Oculus S controllers lose tracking briefly when they vibrate?

Hello, I've been loving my oculus but have been having a very strange issue lately where whenever you use an action that makes the controllers vibrate they seem to lose tracking/connection briefly. For example, if you pick up a bow or a gun in-game the tracking will work flawlessly until you pull the trigger or draw back the bow string. once the controller starts vibrating due to the action your hands will just move slowly in random directions and quickly re-position to where your hands are currently if the vibrating stops. in Pavlov you can't even shoot single fire weapons again until the controller reconnects and sometimes will make it so your character rotates uncontrollably until you quit the game? 

It's really hard to explain the issues I'm having but it's making a lot of games unplayable. I'd really appreciate if anyone has any suggestions as to what to do. 



  • m0u53rm0u53r Posts: 1
    You're not alone... I get that too. Unfortunately, I think we have to play the waiting game. I contacted support they basically said they know about it and that I should enable the beta version. 1.41 ptc doesn't have a fix for it yet so... I wait.

    I thought I might buy some better batteries to see if that helps but for now I just avoid the games that have bows.
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