Rift S Analog sticks getting stuck facing upwards in games. — Oculus
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Rift S Analog sticks getting stuck facing upwards in games.

Eld00nEld00n Posts: 1
This is a new problem i have encountered since the new update. When playing Pavlov VR, SteamVRHome, BeatSaber and others either the Left analog stick, or both keep getting stuck in the upright position (only in game, in reality the analog sticks look and feel fine). This is driving me absolutely fucking nuts, every game is completely unplayable. I have tried setting an analog deadzone in steam settings to no avail. I have tried restarting Oculus. I have tried restarting SteamVR. I have tried restarting my PC. Nothing fixes it. It may take 5 seconds for it to start happening in-game, or it may take 5 minutes, but EVERY SINGLE TIME i play a game it happens, and when it does finally does happen i cannot select ANY menu options or basically anything in-game. I am losing my mind trying to figure out wtf is causing it, or how to fix it but i cannot. I feel like just selling my Rift and buying the Index at this stage. :neutral:


  • umgah79umgah79 Posts: 1
    I've got the exact same issue, got any help with it?
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