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Imagine playing Blair Witch in VR!

NijNij Posts: 312
Nexus 6
edited September 2019 in Games and Apps
So I don't really play much non VR games as of late but after seeing the trailers for the new Blair Witch game, I thought I've got to get it

I held off getting it initially due to the performance issues people were having but after a few updates it runs totally fine now on my PC and I've gotta say I've not felt soo immersed in a non VR game like this for a very long time due to VR games being my main focus and after always having spacial audio with VR, playing this game was a must with a decent headset or headphones

I just think this would absolutely be the perfect horror game to play in VR and I wish to the gods that one day this could be implemented or even if somebody created a mod for it as I don't think it would be that hard to do as you don't have that much interaction with the environments but I know games with VR built from the ground up are usually better

Anyway it would just be seriously immense if this ever happened

I was a believer!! I was a Kickstarter backer!! Now I shall reap the rewards!!! :D:D:D
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