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Steamvr my joystick is stuck going to right hand corner virtually

PowerisbackPowerisback Posts: 2
edited September 2019 in Support
In steam vr my joystick gets stuck while in reality my actual joystick isnt even moved but in steam vr it shows me as if im pushing my joystick constantly to the right hand corner and because of that i cant press anything this breaks many games as I cannot interact with any object when this happens i have to restart steam vr for this become fixed. Thanks for reading 


  • SegregatedAsianSegregatedAsian Posts: 3
    I have this issue aswell
  • ZoniaFlxZoniaFlx Posts: 1
    I am also having trouble with this, it all started as soon as I updated to Oculus 1.41 need some assistance with this it is quite annoying. It is most definitely a software issue due to the fact that removing the batteries from the controllers does not stop it from happening. If it helps, I do use the Oculus Rift S. 
  • 0micron0micron Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with steam vr games happened randomly with one of the joysticks after playing for 5-10 minutes. I opted out of beta and rolled back to 1.40 and now this problem is gone. I am also using a Rift S.
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