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is blades and sorcery vr coming out on quest or no?

im wondering because i love it and would pay over 50$ if it did come out



  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    edited September 2019
    Future possibilities / No promises - Depends if it is technically feasible and acceptable timeframe (note: things on this list are not guaranteed to be added)

    Multiplayer (coop)
    Dismemberment (limbs)
    More spells
    Sheathing swords
    Feet trackers support
    Magic staves & wands
    Campaign / Story
    Open world
    PSVR release
    Oculus Quest release

  • shadowninja0116shadowninja0116 Posts: 1
    I Would love blade and sorcery on the quest and if that could happen I would pay 100 bucks for it
  • OverglowedOverglowed Posts: 1
    i know its all over this thread but i would pay 60 bucks for it
  • willhegs18willhegs18 Posts: 1
    I would pay 60 for it 
  • Droppedfaze92Droppedfaze92 Posts: 1
    Please put blade and sorcery in 

  • Steviemc60Steviemc60 Posts: 1
    Blade and sorcery is popular so put it on as soon as u can I would only pay £30 or less (I'm honest)
  • DarthConnorsDarthConnors Posts: 30
    Brain Burst
    I would play it as well if it goes on Quest. Minimum I would pay: $20
  • ExaltorExaltor Posts: 5
    i dont understand why this hasent happened yet );
  • Lazer12Lazer12 Posts: 2
    I would pay $20-$30 for it. PLEASE make it a thing
  • Pixie40Pixie40 Posts: 173
    Exaltor said:
    i dont understand why this hasent happened yet );

    Time, resources, and workload most likely. It's apparently a lot harder then you might think to completely rebuild a PCVR game to run on the Quest. It's not just a matter of "oh, let's flip a couple switches and it's good to go".
  • KwiatWKwiatW Posts: 1
    It would never be accepted into the Quest Store, they take only quality apps and games.
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