We need Minecraft on Quest — Oculus
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We need Minecraft on Quest

hausfeldthausfeldt Posts: 1
I've seen a lot of posts on Reddit about people wanting Minecraft on their Quest. The threads are always linked to Microsoft's forums. This is a mistake.

The problem isn't that we need Microsoft to create this game. It has been made for several different VR platforms. It already exists. The problem is that Microsoft and Oculus can't agree on how to divide the profits. Microsoft knows exactly how badly we all want this game thanks to the threads on their own forums. Where we need to create more noise is on this forum, convincing Oculus that Microsoft deserves every penny that they're asking for. Honestly, I've never posted on this forum before so I have no idea if there are upvotes or what. I just got sick of seeing all these misguided posts on Reddit and had to post here.


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