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The man behind the Android G1 is working on a secret VR headset

ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 15,716 Valuable Player
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Interesting news about an ex-HTC exec who is working on a new VR project that tries to solve the problem of VR being mostly a "lonely" experience. Or more specifically, they are trying to revolutionize Social VR.

the visionary XR company XRSPACE announced plans to launch a reimagined 5G Virtual Reality (VR) device and mass market social experience that will redefine the way people connect, socialize, play, and collaborate.

Consumers will experience a metaverse, where the virtual and real-world blur to transform how people come together in a more personal, natural, and meaningful way, without the confines of physical boundaries. Instead of moving a cursor across a grid of icons to open applications as in today’s VR experiences, XRSPACE will offer a novel user interface where users are represented as a real-life looking avatar and navigate the virtual world to experiences of interest.

HTC CEO Peter Chou thinks he’s figured out how to crack the VR experience

XRSpace is building something many others have attempted and failed: Making virtual reality truly social -- and accessible to even nontechies. VR, which has traditionally involved wearing bulky goggles, transports you to a digital realm by blocking out the real world. Most people use VR today for things like gaming or corporate training, and it hasn't become popular with mainstream consumers. When you're in that virtual world, you're usually alone.

"The current generation [of VR] is very gimmicky [and] hard to use," Chou told me on Thursday during a meeting at Deutsche Telekom's booth at IFA, Europe's biggest electronics show, which takes place each year in Berlin. "The experience is really solitary. You're not really engaging with people, and it's not meant for the masses yet. That's what we are really doing."

XRSpace is different from previous attempts at AR and VR, Chou said. He learned from his time building the Vive and various smartphones, and he says he believes the combination of AR and VR has the potential to change the way we live as much as smartphones did. And XRSpace isn't making a "gimmicky" device for "creators" or "developers" like many of its rivals, he said, but instead is building something for the masses.

I do have my reservations considering the track record of HTC with Smart Phones and the Vive, but what I do find quite intriguing and somewhat inspiring is the way they describe their vision for Social VR.

Official XRSpace website:

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  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 6,770 Volunteer Moderator
    Doesn't help if you are shy like me lmao ;)
    A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

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