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My games are freezing and crashing.

I just got my Oculus Quest on Friday, and I had a great day playing VRChat after setting up and looking around things, but around 15 minutes after I load into VRChat for the first time since January 2018 due to computer complications (low specs and using it in desktop mode) I was starting to experience issues where the world i was in would freeze up and 30 seconds later I would be sent back to my home space, and this has been happening extremely frequently since. I tried playing Pokerstars VR space and it freezes up after a few minutes and I am only in the lobby. Bigscreen beta has been constantly logging me out and forcing me to re-login when I look at the social section after closing the menu. And when I try to use the Remote Desktop in bigscreen beta (even downloaded the game from the oculus pc app to be safe due to bad reviews on Remote Desktop from steam downloaded clients) the pc only shows as a flicker and freezes immediately on the quests end stays a picture on screen of how it looked when it connected. After that I checked the social tab on my menu and I was told to login. And when I try logging into rec room, I teleport after spawning in my dorm post login to my account I have used on PS4 the game just does a spawn change and freezes up at the game logo. There are also issues where black loading screens with flickering tiny white dots show up when loading things and even the game just crashes back to the oculus home menu completely at random. The only app that was working properly was the Youtube app for some reason. I don’t know what is going on, and I am not happy at all about this since it took me 3 months of saving up my money and problems with a unrelated purchase from GameStop just to get one of these headsets. I could seriously use some help to figure out what to do here and be able to use my games stably for longer periods and not have these problems anymore.


  • NacsterNacster Posts: 5
    Brain Burst
    isnt the quest a mobile would a low spec pc affect its performance?....are you sideloading apps and games...try a reset maybe
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