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SidequestTV: sharing from apps to another switches to 3D mode? Need help!

b00rnb00rn Posts: 2
I want to describe the problem as exactly as possible  ;)
If I want to share from a sideloaded app anything to another app for example to an email app as attachement or to a cloud, the app to which I send to opens but the screen changes to a "kind of 3D" view. It doesn't matter from which or to which app I want to share I tried a lot of different apps and shares to, it happens always. And this "view" is hard to describe, it looks more like a 360° view and I tried to click anything with my pointer but I can´t find my pointer so it´s like frozen screen because I can´t do anything, also it´s very hard to leave and needs some seconds (up to around 10), have to click a lot on back & home and after a while I am back in SeidequestTV OR on Homescreen.

Anyone knows if there is a solution or is this a problem with no solution?
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