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Updated Quest has low audio

J-FlyJ-Fly Posts: 19
Like some of you I had charging problems with my first Quest so FB sent me another one. I noticed that with the new headset the audio is super low. I can barely hear anything. There was a major update when I turned it on. Has anyone experienced low audio after the update?


  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 813
    J-Fly said:
    Has anyone experienced low audio after the update?
    I’ve not, but... my right speaker has started to make a loud popping noise when I power on my headset. It’s so loud that I’m sure it could potentially damage the speaker. This seems to have happened after the latest update. 
  • gism0egism0e Posts: 5
    I also get a loud pop sound when I power up
     have you tried a factory reset 
  • SteveG7RTASteveG7RTA Posts: 155
    Mine also makes the popping sound. I wouldn’t say it was deafening though & I think it sounds from both speakers. I’m pretty sure they added this on purpose to confirm power on
  • earthberthearthberth Posts: 19
    I also get that sound. It's pretty loud but I don't think it will damage the speakers. At least nothing happened so far.
    But it's quite annoying and it would be nice if Oculus could turn down the volume of the new startup sound...
  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    I have the DAS audio strap and headphones, and I too get a noise at boot up now, coming from the headset itself, not the speakers. In fact, it's more like a clunk/thump, and I swear I can feel it slightly as I'm holding the button in as it happens.
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