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Customer Support Experience Needs Major Improvement

viljo001viljo001 Posts: 1
edited September 2019 in Support
After submitting my ticket to customer support, it took about 5 days and back and forth emails before Oculus even agreed to allow me to send my Quest back and email me a shipping label. If everything goes according to the timeline provided, I will not be receiving a repaired or replaced Quest for almost 4 weeks from the date I submitted my ticket. For me, this is not acceptable considering it was not due to my error but a manufacturing defect I’m sure. What me even more upset is that I have been an avid supporter of the Oculus ecosystem; I have spent more than $650 on games and experiences since May when I purchased my Quest. In other words, I have spent more than the original price of my 128 gb Quest in just over 3 months, and now I have to wait that long for a replacement?  
After showing people both my Quest and Go, I have influenced two of my family members to purchase from Oculus, as well.  Product support is just as important, if not more, as the quality of the product. Access to customer support with Oculus feels very disconnected, kind of like “we’ll get to you at our convenience” rather than “we value your experience and want to help you.” I will be purchasing my first PC VR headset for Christmas and this experience is making me question if I should go with the Rift S as I originally planned. I have no problem paying a premium price for a good experience and this customer experience issue is not limited to the Quest but appears to be a systemic issue within Oculus.

My suggestions:
1: Reduce the amount of time it takes to open at ticket and receive a replacement headset under warranty. 

2: Make the customer support experience more human and connected by providing real people to speak with... A PHONE NUMBER! This would help with the feeling that Oculus will “get back to you when they have a chance”... and make it feel more like the customer actually matters. 
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