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Right Controller Wanders Off

jonathansampsonjonathansampson Posts: 2
edited September 10 in Support
TL;DR — Right-hand controller floats off at times. Improved lighting and swapping controllers had no effect.

I just bought my Quest 2 days ago. Loved it so much that I bought 2 more yesterday. Then today, while playing Beat Saber, my right-controller started to wander off. I exited the app and did some testing in the home screen. Shaking it rapidly (as though I were playing Beat Saber) causes it to sometimes float off in another direction.

I thought, perhaps, the lighting in the room could be a problem. Turning on more light had no effect. Then I thought maybe it was an issue with the right-side cameras on the headset. I swapped controller hands (playing the right controller in the left hand, and the left controller in the right hand). Shaking the controllers again resulted in the right controller (now in my left hand) floating off, and the left controller (no in my right hand) responding without issue.

This definitely looks like an issue with the Right controller exclusively.

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  • jonathansampsonjonathansampson Posts: 2
    Update: I just put the headset back on again to see in the problem still existed. A quick jostle of the right-controller sent it floating off into the room. I did, however, notice the battery reporting to be 100% (which couldn't possibly be correct). This could just be the default value until the system determines the actual battery value, but I still decided to partially remove the battery and re-insert it back into the controller. To my surprise, I was not immediately able to reproduce the wandering-controller issue.

    I'll keep my eyes open, and report back if there are any changes.
  • vrarcadezonevrarcadezone Posts: 2
    i have the same problem now with one unit. i buy in 2 oculus quest (one don´t have this problem) plan buy in more but first i like to know how can fix this problem soon!!!
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