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Sold my Oculus Quest. Here's Why

Shadowmask72Shadowmask72 Posts: 4,131 Valuable Player
edited September 2019 in General
I love the Oculus Quest. Good for wire-free gaming, good for large open spaces and great for streaming from PC. A really nice entry system for those looking at VR for the first time. However, when you own an Oculus GO it's not as comfy in bed for movie viewing and the guardian system under dim lights becomes a pain every time you remove the headset.  If you own any superior fidelity PC tethered headsets then the Quest kind of loses its lustre unless you're taking it with you to demonstrate to others.  I played Racket Fury daily on the quest until I got a superior tethered headset and switched playing it on that. The difference was night & day in terms of performance, visuals and overall experience.

Sadly, since then the quest gathered dust.  I've not used it now for weeks, getting my kicks on tethered gaming at a much higher quality.  I think this opinion is shared with many others as well. If you own superior headsets in the house that are already set up, then the Quest doesn't get a look-in. The wireless benefits are only great if you have lots of space to take advantage of that. 

My only wants now then for Quest 1.5 or 2 is a higher quality performance, streaming built-in by a first-party app (come on Oculus) or the option to tether to PC to take advantage of higher fidelity gaming. 

Edit: Just for the record, I have no regrets buying it. A real eye-opener to the possibilities of future VR headsets.

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  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 5,604 Valuable Player
    To me my time in VR is very restricted due to work and the family. I also have more than one hmd, but the best one is nearly always the one I use. I think I've learned that the thought of having multiple hmds is nice, but in the real world I end up using only one. But maybe the thought of having another for backup makes me sleep better at night, lol.
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  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,524 Volunteer Moderator
    edited September 2019
    I'm still using my Quest quite often. I take it to work with me for a little Beat Saber or Gun Club during my lunch hour. I've also started using it for streaming PCVR, for times when I don't want to be holed up in my man cave. (The streaming isn't perfect, but its better than I expected it to be.) I hadn't been using my Rift much since getting the Quest, until No Man's Sky released. Now I'm using both regularly.

    There's a rumour going around that Oculus will announce official PCVR-Quest streaming support (possibly with a piece of hardware?) at OC6. I don't want to put too much stock in it at this point, but if I could truly use my Quest for PC games at high quality and full resolution, I'd probably retire my CV1.

    Here's the video spreading the streaming rumour:

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  • falken76falken76 Posts: 2,901 Valuable Player
    I have PCVR and thought about getting quest, but I don't think I'd use it much.  I don't use my regular VR that much, going mobile doesn't seem like it would make me use it more.  I certainly wouldn't take it to work to use on my breaks or lunch break.  I don't want to look like the doofus that I used to work with that had his Mustang 5.0 with the NCC1701 Personalized License plate, and he wore a blind fold while he practiced his samurai skills with his wooden swords by his car at lunch every day.  I'd get the looks THAT guy got if I started playing VR at work.....

    What makes Quest awesome is that now my friends that don't have a PC can actually get into VR and afford it.  The price of the computer and gpu combined keeps almost everyone out of PCVR niche because it's so damn expensive and not seen as worth it if you have no other use for a computer.
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