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Oculus store regional pricing for other countries

aeroscaerosc Posts: 1
I have seen several topics about this in 2016, 2017, yet it is still the same. There is regional pricing, but it does not cover a lot of countries like steam. This causes a huge price difference for some countries and affects sales negatively. For example, Beat Saber is 30$ in oculus store while it is about 8.7$ in steam (Turkey). This becomes a bigger problem for Quest owners because only way to play steam bought games on Quest is streaming from pc. Streaming works except for horrible lag and the need to reset every 10 minutes and exclusive games are out of reach.

So, what is required to have regional pricing in other countries? More feedback? More customers? More sales?


  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 1,648
    Project 2501
    Regional pricing on Steam is set by the developer, not Steam.  Also, VR is a very small segment on Steam.

    Really up to you where you buy.

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  • KenSniperKenSniper Posts: 184
    It's the whole reason why I dont buy any of my games on the Oculus Store, the Oculus hardware is great but the price difference is too big of a difference to justify buying there. And also I wonder what is the barrier for them to support other countries in terms of selling the headsets, e.g. the Vive already set up support for the SEA region, yet Oculus only supports East Asia and the units are shipped for Hong Kong, even orders from Australia is shipped from Hong Kong, flying right over SEA
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