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Cant add payment method

smooth8819smooth8819 Posts: 2
I received my quest today, everything seemed to be working fine until I tried adding a payment method. I've tried 5 different payment methods, 2 different phones and 2 different computers. It doesn't take my paypal either. I just get "sorry, we couldn't add your payment method". After looking this up, this seems to be an issue that's been going on for years, I've put a support ticket in but people are saying it can take up to a week at least to get resolved? Kind of annoying that I spent $530.00 for something I cant even use properly. Has anyone had any luck figuring this out? 


  • EvolvariumEvolvarium Posts: 16
    I just got my quest today and have had the same issue. Hopefully, this gets resolved.
  • HammersavageHammersavage Posts: 1
    Same issue.  You'd think they'd want our money...
  • Aethar2112Aethar2112 Posts: 1
    Same issue trying to set up a Rift S.  Maybe it is because I don't have a Facebook account?
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