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Oculus Rift S Guardian Tracking Issue - Trying to pick up stuff off the floor but can't reach it.

Hi. I am an Oculus Rift S owner and was wondering if anyone had come across the issue of trying to pick up items off the floor but it was too low of a level to the point where you couldn't reach it? I was searching through the settings trying to fix it. Guardian didn't really help unless I set the floor a tad bit higher just to be able to reach the items off of the floor in-game. This doesn't just apply to Steam but generally also in Oculus library games as well.

When using Steam, it had an update for Oculus, they used to have it where you could calibrate the tracking. When calibrating I always thought that the floor distance between from the headset had been about 3 inches off. But now it automatically determines by itself based off the Oculus Guardian. 

Is the easy fix just to raise the Guardian a tad bit higher for now just to get the levels right.

I'd like to know if Oculus will fix this issue towards the ground distance tracking since it feels about 3 inches off from its level distance.


  • OcuclopsOniOcuclopsOni Posts: 14
    Not sure if this will help with guardian, but whenever I have tracking issues with the controllers I reset the Oculus VR Runtime Services. 
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