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Where can i find a 3D model of the Oculus Quest?

Hi, i am looking for an official 3D model of the Oculus Quest. I asked the support and they wont provide it, but told me it might be somewhere in the community ? 
I am making some ad-ons for the Quest in Solidwork and would need the 3D model for scale and shape. I looked on 3D model sites like sketchfab but they are not official. 
Something like a STEP, OBJ, FBX STL format? 

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  • ezop73ezop73 Posts: 298
    Nexus 6

    It can be downloaded for FREE and it comes in either .ply (original format) or .gITF

  • falken76falken76 Posts: 2,936 Valuable Player
    Wow that's a dirty scan lol.  OP, do you have a quest of your own?  If so, just use it as the model and a trusty pair of Calipers for your measurements, you can make anything for it with that tool and the actual unit.
  • Thanks for the comments, but i need to make a silicone cover that wraps around the quest tight. Therefore i need the CAD model to draw the cover in the exact shape. I was able to find the Go and make the blue cover from that. 
  • And by the way, i have a Caliper and a Quest :) 
  • vrmakervrmaker Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    So is this still an open issue?  as developers how do we find an official model?
  • nikolaj.petersen.503nikolaj.petersen.503 Posts: 5
    I still haven't found an official model. Best i could do was buying a custom made from turbosquid -
    This was not accurate tho, so i had to spend a lot of time drawing my own 1 to 1 model. 
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