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Tilt Five AR headset kickstarter opens

kojackkojack Posts: 6,132 Volunteer Moderator

Tilt Five (formerly known as CastAR) have just opened the Kickstarter for their new AR headset.
They've already hit over 1/6 of their goal in the first 9min or so.

The Tilt Five headset works quite differently to other AR headsets. Normally they have screens that overlay graphics on the real world. Instead, the Tilt Five headset has no screens. It has projectors that face outwards. You use a special retro-reflective gaming board with tracking markers around it. Retro-reflective material bounces light almost directly back in the direction it came. This means the light from your headset's projectors bounces from the board back at you, nobody else sitting nearby can see it. Multiple people can share the same board. The whole idea is for shared tabletop gaming.

Here's a through the lens view:

The wand controller is 6DOF using optical and IMU tracking. It has a bunch of buttons and a thumbstick.


  • kojackkojack Posts: 6,132 Volunteer Moderator
    One of my favourite specs from the kickstarter page:
    Dedicated 8MP application-accessible computer vision camera

    APPLICATION ACCESSIBLE. Hear that Oculus/Microsoft?

    (Rift-S/Quest and WMR cameras can't be accessed by developers, so we can't use them for things like marker recognition to correct the tracking space or do things like object tracking)

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