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Oculus Quest Random Blackout & Backing Up Data For Factory Reset

OddLilGamerOddLilGamer Posts: 1
I've been having random blackout events on my Quest that last for a few seconds at a time and average about 6 times when I play from a full battery to a completely dead headset. I've tried a soft reset and it hasn't fixed the issue so I was told that my next step would be to factory reset it. I asked them if I would lose all of my progress in games and my high scores on Beat Saber (I currently have 6th place on one song for expert :smiley: ) and they told me that I would. I really don't want to lose all of that so I was told to reach out to all of you lovely people and see if you guys could help me figure out how to save my data before I reset it.

Thanks guys!
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