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S.O.S. Streaming Lone Echo from PC to Quest (Epic Fail)

Ok Guys and Gals I really stepped in it this time and I desperately need some advice/ HELP. I bought my fiancee a Quest because she fell in love with "Jack"  or rather, the idea of becoming the character 'Jack' in Lone Echo. Because I did not bother to research anything I had no idea they Lone Echo wasn't a 'Quest Adventure'.  And now, because she has gotten used to the wireless, stand alone freedom of the Quest she won't even consider being tied down with a Rift... My kind of girl,  right? Aaaanyway, long story looonger, I have tried EVERYTHING....TWICE AND get it to stream to the Quest from our $4,000 i7 Core, Mixed Reality ready, gaming desktop using our Motorola Surfboard 5THx and every Update, upgrade and reconfiguration imaginable as an "Oculus Account-Enabled Developer "..Riftcat/Vridge, apk/adb driver installs, downloading Virtual Desktop through SideQuest after purchasing it from Oculus...,   ALVR? Yep..didn't work.   Revive? ...Nada.  Nothing has worked. At this point I be thrilled - not Happy, but thrilled if I could just manage to play it using my Odyssey Plus... The error message have become an ever-growing circulerar nightmare..If it's not SteamVr operating in Safe Mode due to a "recent crash", then it's "no headset detected", "no computer found", "please check your cables", "an issue with 'whatever' caused 'something else's to go wrong..eventually leading us back to the SteamVr is in Safe Mode error all over again..My fiancee and I have spent every free moment of the past 3 weeks scouring YouTube and Google and discord for answers to this mystery. And, though it has taught us some valuable lessons about nature of team work, patience & tough-love, and provided us both some very telling insights into each others, sometimes disturbing, psyche encompassing the whole, 'til-death-do-you-part' aspect of our still upcoming, (Thank God  -or maybe not, still too soon to know for sure), Vows, we are still no closer to our...I mean Her, dream of becoming a Virtual Transgender, Trans-species Bio/Mech, Remote-Contolled, dual-conscious, spacewalking, bloody do-gooder.... My dream is 4 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep...Ow! Hey!!!..Oh, yeah....And to get married to this...THE, I mean, Love of my life, of course. 
So if there is anyone..ANYONE AT this reality of any other who can provide me with step by step, 1,2,3,.. First this/ Then that, instructions for wirelessly streaming Lone Echo from Desktop to Quest headset, I would be forever and ever in your debt...Til death do us part....


  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 4,290 Valuable Player
    edited September 2019
    It wont be wireless but quest is getting support to officially hook up to pc via usb, so you can play it that way if you like?

    More details here, coming November

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  • VRBabe14VRBabe14 Posts: 188
    Also make sure take out your hdmi and usb sensors from your pc if you have them. Run VD streamer and start VD in quest. Enter your oculus username in VD streamer. Change your 5ghz wifi width to 80mhz. See if that helps. You'll need to stop oculus runtime on your pc too for steamvr.
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