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Will Adapters Work On Quest Link?

dega4560dega4560 Posts: 1
i have a VR Ready PC but it does not have a USB C port. Will there be a adapter or is there a VR Ready adapter for USB C to Display Port Adapter?


  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 672
    edited September 26
    As long as your motherboard has USB 3.1 Gen2, then you're fine. My pc has both USB 3.1 Gen2 C and A ports. If you have 3.1 Gen2 but it's a usb-a, then get a usb-a to usb-c adapter. This isn't from the display port, only the usb port.

    btw...I think you posted in the wrong section...this question is for Quest, but it's the Rift/Rift-S section.
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 4,931 Volunteer Moderator
    Moved to Quest section.

    They've said A to C adapters should work, as well as any good quality USB 3 cable. As far as which USB spec (3.0, 3.1, 3.2, gen1, gen2, etc.), they said that they'll release detailed specs closer to launch.

    The various USB 3.0 specs are all a bit confusing, but I'm going to try the initial beta with my USB 3 active extensions that I use for my CV1 sensors, plus the USB 3 A to C cable that I use for side-loading, and hope for the best.

    USB C add-on PCIe cards are cheap and readily available, so I'll probably install one of those in my PC once the official Oculus Link cable comes out.
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