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Deleted photos are still there

staceychevstaceychev Posts: 1
I'm trying to figure out a solution to this problem that doesn't involve a factory reset. I have several sets of Oculus Gos that I use for work. We use 360 Photos, and I load the panoramic pictures on it using Android File Transfer on my Mac. Typically, I will delete the existing photos before adding new ones, because we're using them with clients and seeing other clients' photos confuses them. 

Anyway, for one set, I just connected Android File Transfer. I deleted the existing photos, and then added the photo I wanted. In Android File Transfer on my computer, it shows one file in the pictures folder. However, in the goggles, all of the photos are there - the ones I deleted, along with the one that I added. Does anyone have any ideas for how I can get rid of these pictures? I was hoping a restart would work, but it didn't. 

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