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Brand new and will not turn on

Steve57698Steve57698 Posts: 2
Hello to the group -- I just bought an Oculus Go 64.  When I plug it in, I get a solid orange LED.  But it will not link to my phone.  Yes, I did follow the steps, turn my bluetooth off and back on, etc.  No luck.  I created a support request, but the auto response was "two days."  I will return this tomorrow (Best Buy) if I cannot get it past step one.  Any hints?  Thanks.


  • Steve57698Steve57698 Posts: 2
    Hint to anyone that encounters this: after opening the box, I had plugged it in for 15 minutes, left it plugged in, and tried to turn it on and pair it.  No luck.  In desperation, when we went out for the evening, I left it plugged in.  We came back two hours later, and it all worked well.  So, the first step should be: plug it in and charge it for 2 hours before you do anything else.
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